We’re Published Y’all!

Good gosh all mighty, we’re published y’all! Ever After Events has been featured as a Real Wedding in Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog. Take a look at their post entitled “A Military Wedding” on October 26, 2012.

Kristi and Brad were my very  first Marine Corps wedding here in Hawaii, and being the USMC super fan that I am, I was pretty much giddy from beginning to end with all the pomp and circumstance involved. Dress blues, check. Sword arch, check. Captain & Mrs. Creedon, check! Folks, it doesn’t get much better than a traditional United States Marine Corps wedding.

I remember reading on Kristi’s initial consultation form that the three words to best describe her fiance would be “serious, intelligent and ornery.” You had me at ornery guys, …you…had…me…at…ornery.

Where are they now? Well, Kristi and Brad simultaneously planned both their wedding AND a PCS to Quantico Virginia, leaving only days after their nuptuals. Those crazy kids are doing great and expecting their first little devil dog later this year.








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